General Info

General Info

Professional Consulting Services

A & L Western Agricultural Laboratories offers many consulting services. These services include field consultations and report interpretations.

Labor and Consultation Fees

Fees for field sampling apply, please inquire. Fees may vary depending on the quantity and location of samples.


It is important to follow correct sampling, handling, and shipping procedures. Our analysis is only representative of the sample submitted. Provide complete instructions for the test to be performed.

Sample Holding and Disposal

Samples are held for varying lengths of time depending on their stability and the amount of storage space required.


All work will be performed in confidence. Results are released only to the client or his/her designated agent. Confidentiality agreements will be provided and executed upon request.

Warranty and Limits of Liability

Our warranty is limited to the accuracy of the analyses of the samples as received. We assume no responsibility for the purposes for which the client uses the test results, nor liability for any other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or for the merchantability made by the client. These terms and conditions shall supersede any conflicting terms and conditions stated on any purchase order, or other order for work submitted.